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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Arnica Gel

For bruising - or rather for not bruising!

Caution: This remedy is for external use only. It is toxic if taken internally, except as a homeopathic preparation which is too dilute to cause harm.

Arnica gel is a great remedy to slap on yourself (gently!) whenever you bump into that nasty corner of the counter (again!) or whatever else you've banged into. It helps prevent bruising and promotes healing. I use it all the time (clumsy, I guess), or at least I did until someone needed it more than I did and I gave it away.

I need to remember I was given a jar of healing cream (Hippie Goo Bangs & Bruises) containing arnica I can use instead of my familiar tube. I remembered it once, and was happy to have it on hand. It worked just as well as my big tube I'd used over the years. (This and other remedies also available from AntikaNueva - scroll down her shop page to see the items.)

So apparently any good arnica gel or cream will do. (See "Order Arnica" links below.) I've been using Boericke's Arniflora Arnica Gel (2.75 fl oz tube) for years, and it still had about a quarter left when I gave it away. It only takes a little bit to make a big difference!

So, if objects tend to run into you like they do me, get some arnica and remember to apply it right away. (No, not right away when you get it, right away when injured...but don't apply it to an open wound. Remember, it's toxic internally.) Sometimes I even carried it with me if I was taking a backpack. You never know when your poor unsuspecting shin might get whacked.

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