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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It All Begins Here

Day one.

An auspicious day. One that concerns not only personal health but the health of the nation. How healthy are we? If we want a better health system, we should look to ourselves first. Yes, even me, a vegetarian/vegan and "health food nut" since 1986. People often comment, when I tell them I'm vegan, that my diet is so healthy. My response: I could be eating nothing but potato chips and still be vegan!

Fortunately, I eat better than that, but there's much room for improvement: more fresh fruits and vegetables, more quality protein, fewer carbs - yes, even the whole-grain carbs which constitute the bulk(!) of my carb consumption are unhealthy if excessive. I already avoid lots of bad things: don't smoke, rarely drink (and very little when I do), consume very little sugar (none would be better), do not drink coffee or soda, avoid partially hydrogenated fats (almost always). I could definitely use more exercise, fresh air and sunshine (safest when shadow is longer than I am tall).

What to Do

Start out small. Make one commitment for improvement. For today, I commit to eating more veggies. Maybe not all fresh, more than I'd like will be frozen (back problems make preparation difficult), occasionally canned (beets, artichoke hearts, asparagus) but more. It's a step in the right direction. And more importantly, it's a step. Breaking away from the inertia that keeps me repeating the same mistakes.

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