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Sunday, January 25, 2009


What a relief this remedy is!

I was having an annoying urinary frequency/urgency problem a few months ago, and happened to notice a bottle of Nettle in my cabinet that says right on the front of the label, "Promotes Urinary Tract Function." I didn't remember purchasing it, but obviously I did. (Perhaps I should buy something for memory - or maybe I already have!)

I've had this problem since 1970, and sometimes it's worse than others. This was one of those times. So I followed the directions: put 56 drops (about a dropperful) in a small amount of water and drank it down. Didn't taste bad to me (your opinion may differ.) And it made a noticeable difference within about an hour. What a relief!

Usually I try to avoid the things that will make this problem worse. Things like tomato sauce, or anything else with a tomato base like spaghetti sauce or (vegan) chili. Consuming sugar can also give me problems, but with frequency more than urgency. This was both, and it was very annoying. I don't remember now what might have brought it on this time, but I was glad to have this handy remedy on hand. (Of course, if you suspect an infection, get medical attention as soon as possible! See info at Mayo Clinic's website.)

My problem is a chronic irritation, possibly interstitial cystitis. After all these years, I didn't even realize that was a possibility until very recently when talking with a friend. I've had every test in the book done on it. I've tried all kinds of remedies. Corn silk tea helps, but I find it too inconvenient. And after "discovering" nettle, I was informed about another product which helps, too, Crystal Star's Bladder Kidney Comfort Tea.

What I like about the Nettle is that not only can it sit on my desk, ready to use any time, it also has some other nice applications. Like for arthritis, which I also have. Both kinds. Lucky me. I recommended it to my sister who has osteoarthritis in her hands, and it has helped her, too, and she's only taking one dose a day. Actually, I think she only takes a half dose a day. (She also takes ibuprofen when it's bad, but she was already doing that, and nettle tincture has been a useful addition.

She and I use organic Nettle (leaf) tincture from Nature's Answer (to order, see link below) though I imagine any good brand of liquid, tablet, or capsule would do. (Fresh nettle, too. Just be careful when picking and preparing it. This is stinging nettle we're talking about.

Before trying this remedy be sure to read the AltMed article on its history, uses, cautions, and contraindications on the University of Maryland Medical Center website.

There's also a Nettle Wiki if you'd like to read that.

Order Nettle Extract at

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