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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Activated Charcoal

For digestive troubles.

Activated charcoal is commonly used to counteract certain ingested poisons. However, it can also be used to intestinal gas and other digestive troubles.

I have taken it on several occasions over the years, mostly for intestinal troubles of unknown origin. Perhaps caused by improper food combining, perhaps a bit of bacteria in the food, perhaps a virus.

Whatever the cause, activated charcoal can help. It's absorption properties allow it to neutralize such things. It isn't the pleasantest remedy; the tablets are chewable, and feel a bit like something between chalk and finely powdered glass when you chew them. They don't have much of a flavor... just the odd texture.

Still, they're a handy remedy to keep on hand. The bottle I have has no expiration date, I suppose because it simply doesn't need one. So an inexpensive bottle will probably last you for years.

Of course, if you purchase some with an expiration date, obey it. And if you have a serious digestive problem, possible appendicitis, or suspect food poisoning, do get medical help!

But for simple upsets, queasy feelings, deranged feelings in your stomach or intestines, this remedy does an excellent job. Remember, though, it's for occasional use only - it absorbs vitamins and other nutrients, too!

P.S.: Happy news for those of you who don't like the idea of chewing the tablets... they're available in capsules, too! See ordering info below. The first item is the tablets I use. I haven't tried the others, but they should also be good. If you want to make sure they'll digest easily and quickly, you could stir the capsule contents into a couple ounces of water and drink it.

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