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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Calendula Gel

For itching.

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About 10 years ago someone gave me a half-used 1-ounce tube of Boericle & Tafel's Califlora calendula gel. It says it relieves sun and wind burn, minor cuts and scrapes, etc., but what I use it for is itching. This homeopathic remedy works wonders for pesky itches.

Its relief is temporary, it isn't a cure, but ahhhh, relief! I have some spots on my back that love to go all itchy, and once in a blue moon I get some sort of burny-itchy feeling at the base of one site of my nose. Once in an even bluer moon I get a deep itching on an index finger.

I've used this remedy on my nose spot and back spots. (I sound rather like a leopard, don't I? Actually there are things to see there, but we haven't organized a tour yet. I don't think people will come from miles around to see my undiagnosed peculiarities. At least I hope not! And no, I'm not crazy, I just have a strange and sometimes hard to follow sense of humor.)

I don't remember using the remedy on the deep finger itch, but next time it occurs, hopefully it will occur to me to try the Califlora, and also remember to post an update here. Being such a deep-feeling sort of itch I rather think it won't help anyway, but it's worth a try.

My Mom had an itch on her thigh that was driving her crazy for days before she asked if I had anything that would help. One application did it; it stopped itching and never bothered her again.

I've never tried this remedy for any of its other uses. I have a better remedy for sunburn that's easier to apply. I was thinking of waiting until summer to post my sunburn remedy, but since it's also good for regular burns I'll post it tomorrow.

So, if you've got a persistent itch, don't scratch it, you know that makes it want more attention. Instead of the backscratcher, reach for a tube of calendula gel, and calm that itch down. If you try it - or have already tried it - post a comment; share your wisdom. I don't have to be the only wise guy around here!

More info about calendula:

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