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Monday, February 16, 2009

Cherries for Arthritis and Gout

Reduce inflammation and uric acid levels.

Since we celebrate George Washington's birthday today, it's a great time to talk about cherries as a remedy. Yes, good old Bing cherries, or actually, good new fresh Bing Cherries. Studies by the USDA-ARS have shown the usefulness of Bing cherries for reducing the inflammation of arthritis, especially the form known as gout, where crystals of uric acid accumulate in the toes, causing great pain.

This is one of my favorite remedies; I love cherries! The studies mentioned above tested the effectiveness of fresh cherries. However, fresh cherries are not available year-round. So for this we bring in other forms of cherries: frozen, dried, cherry extract.

One word of warning: if you're going to eat a significant amount of cherries on a routine basis, try to get organic cherries (fresh, juice, etc.); cherries are fairly high on list of fruits containing pesticide residues. (source)

So if you have inflammation, arthritis, and/or gout, give cherries a try! Perhaps (a pain-free) life is a bowl of cherries!

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Karen Bergeron said...

Perhaps (a pain-free) life is a bowl of cherries!

Dang, thought I made that up...

I've been eating 20 dried tart cherries a day for 5 days. Nothing, including narcotics, has ever worked this well for me for muscle pain. First day I ate 20 in the morning and by evening felt so good I thought I thought I was imagining it. 5 days later, 90% free of pain 24 hours a day. I just feel SO grateful it's like having a second chance at life. If there ever was a miracle cure for me, this is it.

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