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Friday, February 20, 2009

Chlorella for Toxins

A natural way to counteract toxins you absorb from air, water, and food.

I live in Florida, and we're having a burn ban - bad drought conditions, it's our dry season, and several winter freezes added to the dry brush available for kindling. One little spark and there goes the neighborhood.

In my county alone, we had one 40-acre brush fire on Tuesday, and eight 1-3 acre brush fires on Wednesday. With winds gusting to 15 mph, and me surrounded by brush and woodlands, I get kinda skittish. So I happened to mention the fire conditions to one of my daughters, starting with my having to report my next door neighbor for burning illegally today.

When I mentioned to my daughter - yes, I'm getting to the point and yes, there is one - that my neighbors throw plastic in their fires, even though they know (because I told them and showed them the county regulations) they're not supposed to.

My daughter was suitably concerned about the general fire/drought conditions, and even more about the neighbor's disregard for the safety and property of others. Most of all, though, she was concerned about the health hazards of the stuff they're burning.

I had no idea how toxic the fumes and ash from burning plastic and other materials were, or how polluting they were; I only knew how bad the stuff smelled when it burned.

She sent me two articles on this subject, and a link to products that can help clear your body of such toxins. (See links and ordering info below.) Suffice it to say, I'm really glad I mentioned the neighbor's activities to her, and that she knew so much about the subject of trash burning by homeowners in rural areas.

"A family of four burning trash in a barrel in their backyard - still a common practice in many rural areas - can potentially put as much dioxin and furan into the air as a well-controlled municipal waste incinerator serving tens of thousands of households... Although dioxins and furans have been shown to damage the health of laboratory animals, direct evidence of the compounds' effects in humans is less clear but still cause for concern..."
[Source: American Chemical Society (2000, January 4). Backyard Burning Identified As Potential Major Source Of Dioxins. ScienceDaily. Retrieved February 20, 2009, from]

It turns out that low temperature trash pile, pit, and barrel burning produce way more toxins than today's regulated incinerators. My daughter said, "Dioxins are hard to break down once created (during plastic burning), and the cooler the burn, the less gets broken down."

She went on to say that, "It's especially unfortunate because it's a highly bioaccumulative toxin. I'd bet there are some factors that affect uptake, so it's worth seeing if any supplements can reduce exposure." Then she checked into it, said it appears that chlorophyll, and more specifically chlorella, is good for such detoxification, and referred me to a couple of products. (See links/ordering info below.)

I was planning on going to the health food store tomorrow anyway, and I've added chlorella to my list, to see what's available locally. If you live in a rural community that still allows homeowners to burn waste, please be aware of and follow the rules, and to protect yourself against such toxins, wherever you live, consider adding chlorella to your health regimen.

And if a neighbor is burning illegally, make sure they know the rules, and if they continue to ignore the rules, report them! Your community has non-emergency contact numbers for reporting offenders. Check the community pages in the front of your phone book, or call the most closely related government agency you can find to get the correct number to call. (Or look online.)

Backyard Burning Identified As Potential Major Source Of Dioxins - ScienceDaily (Jan. 4, 2000)

Backyard Trash Burning: The Wrong Answer - very informative article at The Chlorine Chemistry Division of the American Chemistry Council's website,

Chlorella Supplement decreases Dioxin in Breast Milk - The Breast Health Project's blog post on chlorella.

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