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Monday, February 2, 2009

Electrolyte Stamina

For a natural energy boost.

I was introduced to this remedy a couple of years ago by the owner of a local health food store who is also a Registered Nurse. She gave me some sample packets to try. The first one I tried prior to mowing the lawn, a task that usually saps my energy and leaves me a little shaky. I was pleased to find I felt about as good after two hours of mowing as I had before. Remarkable!

I took the other packets under similar circumstances, with similar results. So when I was preparing for a trip to France last fall, I bought a box to take with me. Not so much for myself, but for my Mom. This trip was her 80th birthday present, and she often runs out of steam quickly. So I took it with me, and left it in my suitcase, totally forgetting about it while dragging my Mom around a few places. I should have taken memory remedies for myself...I didn't remember what I'd packed it for until I was back home, unpacking. Oh well, we did have fun anyway.

The following month I took another trip, this one to the northeast to see one daughter in New Hampshire, and then my other daughter and my one and only most adorable in the world granddaughter in New York. Challenge #1 was staying awake for the long drive from NH to NY, a 5-hour drive which turned into a 9-hour ordeal which included being stuck in the snowy mountains of Vermont due to an accident up ahead and a major detour. I arrived happily and safely in New York, without falling asleep at the wheel - which I often have to fight even on short trips (1/2 hour!) The Electrolyte Stamina which I took before leaving NH kept me awake and alive.

In New York, my generous daughter shared her cold with me, so for most of my almost 2 week stay there I was feeling yucky, but needed to be up and about, playing with my soon-to-be-2-year-old granddaughter. Electrolyte Stamina kept me going, and antispas helped keep the cold from getting too bad. Generous person that I am, I shared my remedies, including Electrolyte Stamina, with my daughter, and gave her several packets when I left. (We both needed electrolyte replacement just for the salt lost in our tears!)

More recently, my son and his girlfriend came to my house to celebrate his birthday. It's only a little over an hour's drive, but with about 3 hours sleep the night before, they arrived exhausted, ready to fall asleep in their dinner plates, or even messier, in their cake and ice cream plates! Electrolyte Stamina to the rescue! His girlfriend, who was driving, took some, and was soon feeling quite normal, much to her happy surprise. I gave her some more before she drove home a few hours later, and a few extra packets for future use. She was thrilled, and planned on buying a box for herself.

OK, so there's my anecdotal evidence that Electrolyte Stamina is a good product. It has a slew of vitamins and minerals, most particularly 201 mg. of potassium per packet. It also has 160 mg. sodium, which may nullify some of the potassium, but since this is a formula for sweaty athletes, the sodium is important. Its 1200 mg of vitamin C may help prevent muscle fatigue.

The only flavor I've tried is cranberry, but it also comes in raspberry, orange and lemon-lime. Like Emergen-C, this remedy comes in a box of individual foil packets, and is a powder that gets fizzy when added to water. It's also available in tablets, but what fun is that? Notice, too, the tablets are a different formula, and listed amounts are per 6 tablets.

OK, enough about me. How about you? Could you use an energy boost? Are you preparing for something physically strenuous? If the answer is yes, consider this remedy. I've used it, like it, and highly recommend it! If you've already tried it, please leave some feedback to let others know how it worked (or didn't work) for you.

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