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Friday, February 6, 2009


Natural Cox-2 inhibitor.

Many chronic health problems are associated with inflammation; some are caused by inflammation, others cause inflammation. But whether cause or effect, inflammation often causes pain. Reducing inflammation generally reduces pain caused by it.

Inflama-Rest is a natural anti-inflammatory, with vitamins, minerals, herbs, and herbal extracts to counter the Cox-2 inflammatory response.

I've taken this remedy for about a year, sometimes at the full recommended dose, more often at half the recommended dose. I also take one naproxen sodium per day. Even with the full dose of Inflam-Rest, I still need the naproxen sodium anyway, and half the Inflama-Rest dose is enough to compliment the otc medication sufficiently.

For those of you who don't know me, my physical challenges include osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, hypoglycemia, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), mitral valve prolapse (subject of an upcoming post!), allergies (food and environmental - fortunately none are severe), baker's cysts, and a bulging lumbar disc.

Many of these are auto-immune diseases, and several are associated with inflammation. Top of the list: anxiety. Being in a constantly anxious state sets off a systemic response that results in inflammation. So does momentary stress, but in that case, the stress subsides, and so does the inflammation.

I try to remember to relax, breathe, do yoga, get sufficient rest, keep a healthy mindset, etc. but I still need help! I take lots of vitamins, minerals, herbs, flax seed and or flax oil; but I still need help! I took Vioxx for several months while it was available, and for that brief period I felt fairly normal. Not only did it control inflammation very nicely, so that I had little or no chronic pain, but I also noticed greatly improved mood and energy level. So I know how much an anti-inflammatory can help.

I'm not too impressed with the meds used in place of Vioxx. I've taken a couple and didn't like side effects. So even though I still have some chronic pain, I make do with naproxen sodium and the added benefits of Inflama-Rest.

I realize I haven't talked much about Inflama-Rest itself, or written the most glowing report of how it cured me of all my ills, or at least made me forget about them. However, it is a remedy worthy of your consideration if you live with the pain of chronic inflammation, or are interested in using something natural instead of a pharmaceutical. Check with your doctor first before discontinuing any medication, and also if you have a serious condition, or a possible contra-indication to taking this remedy. (There's a list of ingredients if you follow the link at the top of this article.)

If you try it, please comment below to let me and other readers know how you liked it, if it helped you, how much you took, and any other pertinent info you care to share. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

I have been using Inflama-Rest for more than two years, often using it as you do, at less than the recommended dose, after I religiously took the "loading" dose (4 pills, twice a day).

I started taking it as natural way to help me cope with seasonal allergies on the recommendation of a friend. It worked! And about a week after I started taking it for that, I also found myself waking up one morning without the usual aches and stiffness (from a neck injury, slightly stiff hand that might be the beginnings of arthritis, sore feet).

I don't have to deal with nearly the amount of pain you must have to work with, Randi, but I can honestly say that Inflama-Rest has changed my life.

Because my feet hurt less, I found myself more willing to go further on my daily walks, which has helped me lose weight. That, in turn, has put less stress on my body, which also helps in fighting the inflammation process.

Interestingly, I was feeling so good, I stopped the Inflama-Rest for a while. Felt fine for a bit, but started waking up with some aches and pains, so I am going back on it. That's how I found your review. I was looking for good prices for it on the Web. :)

My advice for anyone who is looking for relief from the myriad of woes that inflammation can bring to your body, give Inflama-Rest a try. It certainly worked for me.

Best of luck to you!

Randi said...

Thanks for your input, Anonymous. I never knew it could help seasonal allergies, that's a great tip!

And like you, I find a great way to tell is something is helping is take it a while, then stop and notice what happens, then take it again. This works best, of course, when you only change one thing at a time.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Inflama-rest for around five years...I had constant pain in my lower back due to a bulging disc. I didn't sleep well...I thought I would always have pain. After taking the loading dose for just a few weeks the pain was signifacantly better. I now take between 2 and 4 a day and can honestly say it has changed my life...I can even play tennis again and I thought those days were over...

Randi said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. And thanks for the reminder! I took it for a long time, then ran out, and somehow forgot about it. Will be ordering more soon - it's an awesome product!

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