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Monday, February 9, 2009

Massage Chairs

For waiting areas of banks and other places you have to wait, and wait, and wait...

This isn't exactly a remedy. Sure, massage chairs can relieve back pain, so in that way yes, this is about a remedy. But this is more of a complaint. About having to wait in uncomfortable chairs, for way too long. And so my story begins.

Today I went to my bank, cashed a couple checks, and asked the teller did I have to ask the "desk people" my questions about my safety deposit box and savings account. As expected, the answer was yes. So I went and sat in the waiting area.

There are two "desk people" at my bank, and as I sat down, one left for lunch, for the day, forever...I don't know. The other was with a client, and after waiting about 15 minutes, with no end to the current client in sight, I decided to try calling the bank's toll-free number to see if I could get the answer to my more urgent question.

After wading through all the automated choices, I got to a person - in India, of course - who after making me repeat the information I entered into the phone already, said he couldn't answer my question and put me on hold.

The client at the desk is still nowhere near done, so I try to wait patiently...for several minutes. After which the person comes back and tells me he couldn't access the information, he'd put me on hold and contact the branch - meaning the bank I was sitting in. I told him that's where I was. But figuring he might get faster service, I let him put me on hold. The phone at the abandoned desk rang, and rang. Then stopped. And the customer service rep in India came back on and said he'd connect me to someone at the branch who could help me.

An employee answered the phone, identified herself, and said she'd help me as soon as she finished with a customer. Of course, it was the same teller who'd waited on me in the beginning. And I could hear her through both ears. After a brief wait, she came back to the phone to help me, at which point it all got hilarious, because I told her who I was, and how it came to be that we were now talking on the phone. She apologized, and suggested we hang up our phones and meet at her teller window. Great idea!!

There, she actually was able to look up the info I needed, apologizing again for how long I'd had to wait. We had a good laugh about the ridiculousness of the situation, and I said if they had comfy massage chairs, I wouldn't have minded waiting even longer, so perhaps they'd consider adding some. Well, it was worth a good laugh, and I left happy instead of frustrated. Laughter really is the best medicine! (And comfortable chairs. Preferably with massage. Heat would be nice, too!)

So, here's my experience with massage chairs, in case you're still reading and are interested. I've tested several iJoy and Human Touch massage chairs and other brands at Sharper Image and other stores in a large city shopping mall. My favorite is the Human Touch top of the line chair, but the lesser ones are nice, too. Be sure to try them out, and make sure the model you select works well for you before buying locally or online.

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