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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Papaya Enzymes

Chewable tablets to help your tummy.

Caution: If you have latex allergy or sensitivity, you may also be allergic to papain (papaya enzyme).

When your tummy is a little upset after eating, forget the pink stuff and the chalky tablets, help your stomach do its job: digesting food. That's what these cute little papaya enzymes do. Papain, the enzyme from papayas - sometimes blended with bromelain, a digestive enzyme from pineapple - helps break down what you've eaten so your tummy doesn't have to work so hard.

It's also helpful to take with meals containing beans. We all know what they can do! Throw some digestive enzymes into the mix to tame them. If they don't completely prevent gas at least it will be less likely to smell and really embarrass you!

Usually the directions say take one or three, or some ridiculously small number per meal. I usually take 6-8. Personally, I do have a latex sensitivity, but I have taken papaya enzymes quite frequently for years. I've been vegan/vegetarian since 1986, so I usually eat beans in some form on a daily basis.

I never noticed any sort of problem from it, but if you have a latex allergy/sensitivity ask your doctor before taking this remedy. (I just found out about the latex/papaya issue tonight.) If you prefer not to use papain, try bromelain instead. It also does a good job.

There are digestive enzymes you swallow instead of chewing, which is nice if you're avoiding sugar. All the papaya enzymes I've taken have sugar and dyes in them. I just noticed the ones I'd been buying at my grocery store have hydrogenated oil in them. Yuck! I'll be ordering some from one of the links below. They're the original brand I used back in the 70s!

You can probably find papaya enzymes locally in drugstores, Wal-Mart (too sugary for me), grocery stores and health food stores. Wherever you get them, be sure to read the ingredients - both active and inactive.

Chewables usually have some from of sugar even if they say "sugar free." Avoid any containing hydrogenated oils. And just because the label says papaya enzymes doesn't necessarily mean it won't have some enzymes from other sources, which is mostly important if you have allergies.

Okay, that's it for today. Bon appetit!

Order papaya enzymes at (The kind I have used for years is American Health papaya enzymes.) Note: if ordering online go for the quickest shipping you can in warm/hot weather. Even better, stock up during the cooler months of the year. Personally, I place my supplement orders in March and October.

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