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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Truth in Advertising

This is a remedy for the biased legislation which prevents manufacturers of vitamins and other nutritional suppliments from speaking the truth about sound scientific studies which have shown health benefit(s) for the suppliment(s) being studied.

I've long known this was the case, and was excited to read an excellent article The Free Speech About Science Act at

This and other proposed legislation would release the stanglehold the highly profitable pharmaceutical industry has perpetrated on non-patentable nutritional suppliments. Well-crafted laws would allow the truth to be told without allowing outrageous claims to be made. Health benefits would have to be based on sound science to be spoken of, and that is as it should be. Other speculation and anecdotal evicence would still be allowed by free speach on the internet and elsewhere, as long as it isn't diagnosing or prescribing.

Please read the article linked above, and take action (on p.2 of the article) to help make this balanced and fair legislation a reality.